After a beautiful sunrise and satisfying breakfast your visit begins with a good horse. Our remuda consists of paint and quarter horses. We practice Natural Horsemanship and we do our best to make sure your horse matches your riding experience. Our horses are quiet, sure footed, and accustomed to working cattle. Even novice riders are amazed at how secure they feel riding through our challenging and varied terrain.

Working Cattle

After tacking up the horses we head out to check the herd (click here to read more about our cattle and stockmanship). Usually our livestock determine the job needed that day and the direction we will travel, but sometimes we will ride purely to enjoy the beauty of this high country. Our rides are generally about 2-5 hours.


Badger Creek Ranch is nestled in the high country of Colorado’s central Rocky Mountains.  By the nature of the landscape, many fishing opportunities are available within easy reach of the ranch.  Badger Creek, itself, meanders through the ranch and as it drops into the canyon on its way to the Arkansas River, it becomes a viable fishery that holds a healthy population of wild brown trout which will take well-presented dry flies throughout the summer.  The Arkansas River is a wade-able and float-able river with plenty of public access points between Leadville and Canon City.  The “Ark”, as it's locally known, boasts a healthy population of brown trout in the 14”-16” range with a resurgence of a rainbow trout population.  North of BCR, the middle and south forks of the South Platte River are within easy driving distances and provide a variety of fishing opportunities, including the renowned gold-medal “Dream Stream” tail water section below Spinney Reservoir, where the fish are trophy sized and a challenge to catch.  If still water is your thing, there are numerous reservoirs and high mountain lakes where you can sight fish and cast to cruising trout.  If you love to fish and appreciate the comfort of a warm bed and good food, Badger Creek Ranch is just the place.

Exploring History

After a good day’s ride you may want to explore the area’s varied geography. The walls of the canyons draw you into a time when the Native Americans fought to the death with the Spanish Conquistadors to protect their land. Perhaps you will want to pan for some of the gold the Spanish were looking for in Badger Creek.

Underneath the infinite sky, the floor of the ranch is covered with interesting rocks and artifacts. Many have found arrowheads and worked stones, quartz with stripes of gold, and opals. When not in the saddle explore the many Ute Indian sites from the dramatic Buffalo Jump to the sacred Vision Quest.


After dark, maybe you’ll cozy up on a couch, or play any number of games in the bunkhouse living room, or you can enjoy a roaring campfire within the original stone foundation of the ranch's first homesteaders. Count the shooting stars, and make lots of wishes. The land is so vast it's difficult to imagine so many footsteps here before ours. There is always plenty to do on the ranch but sometimes the best thing to do is relax and watch the clouds roll by.

Bird Watching

If you prefer bird watching the ranch is home to great summer birds. Be on the lookout for the whimsical Hummingbird, the beautiful Colorado Bluebird, or the clever Barn Swallow that makes the most interesting nest in the steep rock walls around the ranch.