Now that you have reserved some time at Badger Creek Ranch please allow us to suggest a few items that will make your experience a little more comfortable:

  • A wide brimmed hat. A cowboy hat with a stampede string is the best choice but a baseball cap works too.
  • Long sleeved shirt & jeans for riding 
  • Riding footwear:  boots with a heel. Please NO sneakers, hiking or work boots. These are too unsafe in the stirrups.
  • Jacket/ Sweater
  • Rain Jacket
  • The normal personal hygiene stuff, shampoo, toothpaste etc.
  • Sunscreen & lip balm
  • An appetite
  • Camera!

The weather at 9,000 feet in the alpine desert can be unpredictable. Sunshine is the rule but afternoon showers are not uncommon. In the spring and summer you can expect it to get warm, even hot, during the day and quite cool at night. In short, think layers!