Grass Fed Meats

“You as a food consumer have the privilege of actively participating in the shaping of the world your children will inherit.” ~ Joel Salatin

Badger Creek Ranch is a model of sustainability and connection to the land.  We live on the land with our animals and practice regenerative agriculture, a philosophy based on the integration of human goals and the understanding of the long-term impact of our activities on the environment and on other species.  We use holistic management in our decision making and planning in order to improve the health of the land for future generations.

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It is our goal to raise healthy, flavorful food to serve our guests, and sell to customers seeking all-natural products including grass fed meats, eggs, and other farm/ranch raised goods. 

When you purchase Badger Creek Ranch Grass Fed Meats you are not only choosing healthy food for you and your family, you are choosing to partner with the Badger Creek Ranch family in meaningful work.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • We care profoundly about the well-being of our customers and our animals.

  • We have integrity as stewards of the land.

  • We are passionate and committed to raising healthy, happy animals on healthy land.

Grass Fed, Grass-Finished Beef
Pasture-Raised Pork
Pasture-Raised Chicken

Choose from our packages below:

  • Wholes - $8.00/lb. (4 quarters)

  • Halves - $8.25/lb. (2 quarters)

  • Quarters - $8.50/lb.

Each quarter includes a variety of cuts and ground, approximately 60% cuts and 40% ground.

If you prefer to purchase smaller quantities, consider our mixed boxes!

Sampler Box (typically 10-12 lbs).  $100 + shipping. 
Contains approximately:

  • 4 lbs Ground beef

  • 1 package T Bone steaks (2 per package)

  • I Roast

Family Box (typically 18-20 lbs) $200 + shipping.
Contains approximately:

  • 8 lbs. Ground beef

  • 2 packages T Bones (2 per package)

  • 2 Roasts

Steak Box (typically 10-12 lbs).- $180 + shipping.

  • 2 packages T Bones (2 per package)

  • 2 packages Rib eye

  • 2 Sirloins

We also sell individual cuts of beef and pork, as well as whole roaster chickens (see Our Price List). This summer we’ll be selling our natural, nourishing meats at the farmers’ markets in Salida, CO (Saturdays, 8am - 1pm) and Buena Vista, CO (Sundays, 10am - 2pm).



"Tucked into one of your cuts last night: Chuck roast with onions, stock, and porcini mushrooms cooked all day in the oven at 215 degrees. Holy Hanna was it good!"   ~ Sam W.

"As a working mom with three children who love to eat, I have a limited amount of time to shop for quality food.  I love filling our freezer with beef from Badger Creek Ranch which allows me to grab something out of the freezer in the a.m. and cook a healthy dinner by evening without running to the store several times per month.  I am always searching for meat that is  humanly raised with no antibiotics and no hormones.  Badger Creek’s operation is easy to see and understand with their meat going from the ranch directly to the processor, and immediately to my freezer.  We are looking forward to the addition of chicken and pork from Badger Creek Ranch to our freezer in the fall." ~ Kimberly H.